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α-Al2O3 Alumina Powder For Lithium Ion Battery Separator

α-Al2O3 Alumina Powder For Lithium Ion Battery Separator

Α-Al2O3 Alumina Powder

ISO9001 Alumina Powder

6 micron Alumina Powder

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Product Details
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Alumina For Lithium Ion Battery Separator
D50: 0.8-1.0;D99<6um
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Alumina for Lithium ion battery separator EM-A-1

  Lithium ion batteries have emerged as the most popular energy storage system, but they pose safety issues under extreme temperatures or in the event of a thermal runaway.This eliminates the possibility of a short circuit during thermal runaway. Lithium ion batteries assembled as half-cells and full cells with coated α-Al2O3 separator exhibit electrochemical performance comparable with that of polyolefin separators at room temperature.
  Lithium ion batteries with inorganic separators offer the advantage of safer operation.Unlike state-of-the-art polyolefin separators such as polypropylene (PP) which are selectively wettable with only certain electrolytes, the excellent electrolyte solvent wettability of α-Al2O3 allows the coated alumina separator to function with different electrolytes. The coated α-Al2O3 separator has a much higher resistance to temperature effects than its polyolefin counterparts, retaining its dimensional integrity at temperatures as high as 200ºC.
It is mainly used for the coating material of positive and negative pole diaphragm of lithium battery, which is beneficial to the stability of the battery.
It is suitable for Lithium ion battery separator,and the battery can be used for electronic car, electronic intelligent products and energy storage products.

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1.Chemical properties: Al2O3>99.9%
3.PSD: D50=0.8-1.2um,D99<6um


Al2O3% 99.9 D50 0.8-1.2um
Ca% <0.05 D90 <3um
Fe% <0.01 D99 <6um
Na% <0.4 BET 5-8m2/g

α-Al2O3 Alumina Powder For Lithium Ion Battery Separator 1
Product features

Lithium ion batteries with alumina separator is fabricated for safety improvement. Alumina separator is coated on electrode by a scalable and cost-effective method.Lithium ion batteries with alumina separator perform better than conventional cells.


Factory supply 1 micron Lithium ion battery separator alumina powder 2



The presence of the alumina can significantly improve the physical and chemical properties of battery separators. The alumina coating layer may reduce or prevent dendrite puncture, lithium plating and separator shrinkage during over-heating, hence significantly increasing safety performance for a lithium ion battery
1. Less magnetic foreign matters, stable electrical performance, low content of harmful ions;
2. High heat resistance, stable at high temperature;
3. The particle size distribution is very narrow, which can be coated with a very thin thermal insulation coating, with low thermal resistance; no small particles blocking Li + ion channel, no coarse particles scratching the film.
α-Al2O3 Alumina Powder For Lithium Ion Battery Separator 3
【Packing】 25kgs/poly-drum ,500kgs/pallet.
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1 Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are a professional factory with more than 12 years of experience in this field. If you are convenience, we welcome you to visit our company.


2 Q: How can you get sample?
A: Free samples are available, but on the basis that you pay the courier charges.


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4.A:How about the validity of the products?
Q:According to the products you ordered.

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Shanghai Gona Industrial Co.Ltd is founded in 2006, and located in Songjiang Industrial District, rounded by National Engineering research Center of Ultrafine Powder(NERCUP).Our company is a R&D company specialized in technology development of functional powder materials. Focused on the control technology of powder particulate, SHGRENM provide several series product such as rare earth oxide with special particulate properties, cerium oxide polishing powder, catalyst materials,Alumina for Li+ battery separator.


Our company is always paying great attention to the intellectual property and independent development, and pursuing innovation of science and technology. Our company has been recognized as “High-Tech Enterprise of Shanghai” since 2008. The project of the high-precision rare earth polishing powder passed high-tech achievements transformation, and its annual production reaches 2000 tons.
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