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CeZr Composite Oxide Rare Earth Catalyst /Catalytic Powder Clean Exhaust

CeZr Composite Oxide Rare Earth Catalyst /Catalytic Powder Clean Exhaust

CeZr Oxide Rare Earth Catalyst

Automobile Exhaust Cerium Zirconium Oxide

Catalytic Converter Cerium Zirconium Oxide

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Ce-Zr Composite Oxide For Catalytic Converter Clean Exhaust
Light Yellow
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Automobile Exhaust Treatment
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25kgs/drum , 500 kgs/pallet, 1cmb/pallet
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2 weeks
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CeZr Composite Oxide Rare Earth Catalyst /Catalytic Powder Clean Exhaust



    The catalytic converter (or catcon) in the car is actually a very important component of the car exhaust system, because it can remove harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX, x=1,2,3) and carbon monoxide (CO) . Before burning residues are released into the environment. It is called a catalytic converter because it converts CO into ubiquitous CO2 and NOX into N2 and O2 through chemical reactions on solid catalysts. A catalyst is a compound that helps the reaction happen faster by lowering the activation energy barrier of the reaction. It is not consumed during the reaction. In the case of catcon, the catalyst is a solid platinum (Pt) or palladium (Pd) surface on which reactants from the gas phase are adsorbed and reacted. This reaction process assisted by a catalyst that is in a different phase from the reactants is called heterogeneous catalysis.




(1) Catalysis of automobile and motorcycle exhaust gas;

(2) Industrial organic waste gas purification and indoor air purification;

(3) Natural gas combustion catalysis.

(4) Fluid catalytic cracking in oil refining industry.


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    Rare earth metals have been widely used in automotive exhaust catalysts, in particular, ceria compounds with their high oxygen storage capacity and lanthana with its proper basicity and large ionic size. The performance of catalysts has been dramatically improved through the use of these materials.Precious metals (Pt and Pd) and rare earth elements (CeO2) are typical materials for heterogeneous exhaust-gas catalysts in automotive systems.




CeO2% 60% D50 5-7um
ZrO2% 30% Fresh BET >75m2/g
La2O3 5% Aged BET (


Y2O3 5% Aged BET (




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【Product features】


(1) high temperature resistance and high aging ability: using cerium oxide and zirconia solid solution as the matrix, some additives (lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, praseodymium oxide, neodymium oxide) are added to replace the elements, which improves the high-temperature anti-aging ability of the products.

(2) Excellent oxygen storage and release capacity: the product has higher oxygen storage and release rate, faster oxygen storage and release rate and lower light off temperature

(3) Moderate particle size distribution: the medium diameter of the material is controlled to be 2.5-3.5 μ m by using air grinding and precise grading technology, and the particle size distribution is narrow, which improves the coating quality and reduces the peeling off rate.

(4) Good product stability: advanced production technology and production equipment, standardized management, to ensure the stability of the product.

(5) Personalized product customization: strong R & D ability and industrialization ability ensure that personalized products with different composition and granularity can be provided according to customer requirements


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【Packing】 25kgs/poly-drum ,500kgs/pallet


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1 Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are a professional factory with more than 12 years of experience in this field. If you are convenience, we welcome you to visit our company.


2 Q: How can you get sample?
A: Free samples are available, but on the basis that you pay the courier charges.


3 Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.




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   Shanghai Gona Industrial Co.Ltd is founded in 2006, and located in Songjiang Industrial District, rounded by National Engineering research Center of Ultrafine Powder(NERCUP).Our company is a R&D company specialized in technology development of functional powder materials. Focused on the control technology of powder particulate, SHGRENM provide several series product such as rare earth oxide with special particulate properties, cerium oxide polishing powder, catalyst materials,Alumina for Li+ battery separator.


   Our company is always paying great attention to the intellectual property and independent development, and pursuing innovation of science and technology. Our company has been recognized as “High-Tech Enterprise of Shanghai” since 2008. The project of the high-precision rare earth polishing powder passed high-tech achievements transformation, and its annual production reaches 2000 tons.


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     An automotive catalytic converter (autocat) transforms the primary pollutants in engine exhaust gases into non-toxic compounds. It is called a 3-way catalyst because it achieves three different chemical reactions:

1. The 3-way catalyst consists of a mixture of precious metals, zirconium and rare earth (mostly cerium) wash coated into a brick       inserted in the vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

2. Oxidizing carbon monoxide into non-harmful carbon dioxide​

3. Oxidizing complex unburned hydrocarbonates into carbon dioxide and water

4. Converting oxides of nitrogen (NOx) with carbon monoxide into harmless nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

5. Additional catalytic systems are being developed, especially for addressing the higher oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions by           diesel cars (linked to their higher combustion temperature). One of the most promising technologies (called Lean Nox Trap) uses     cerium as a major catalyst and is particularly suitable for compact diesel cars.   



    Global air pollution caused by human activities and industries has been a major public health concern, particularly in urban areas. The impact to health services and society at large is significant, and the majority of cities worldwide do not meet World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines



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